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Getting Out of Bed - Zine

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52 pages of colour drawings, photographs, and text - (5.5" x 8.5")

Getting Out of Bed is a multi-media zine that explores some of the best ways of healing that I found during trauma that followed a sexual assault. Graphic novels and zines became a new interest over the course of my healing journey. They allowed for a sort of escape as well as offering valuable lessons of life, especially on the days I felt I couldn’t get out of bed. This zine is my creative expression as someone who has endured trauma, how I have tried to navigate and learn through my healing process. By producing a zine I was able to create from my home with hands-on materials that assist with my process of healing. Sometimes the greatest accomplishment as someone who has been through trauma can be getting out of bed, other days it’s getting out of the house. By respecting my boundaries on the days that I didn’t feel comfortable getting out of the house, I have reduced major creative setbacks during this project. My hope is that this zine offers a reduced form of pressure and limits the amount of trauma that can re-occur when a person is attempting to heal. Owning a copy of a zine is more easily accessible than a gallery body of work, it can be left at home or taken with you day-to-day. This allows people who have endured trauma to have a choice in what times they put their energy into healing, and times they allow themselves to take a break. Creating this project has been a means of healing through art and marks a part of my healing journey.

A portion of the proceeds from this zine will be donated to Toronto Rape Crisis Centre Multicultural Women Against Rape.